See You on the Road Sometime

Daylon Wear was on staff at Charlie Pride Music.  He sang a couple of demos for me so naturally we lined up to write. 
He introduced me to phonetic writing, where you interpret the lyrics of someone singing mumbly emotions off of a cassette.
And this is what I came up with.  

“See You On The Road Sometime”

(Doak Snead/Daylon Wear ©1994)

Watched the moon sink in the water

Traffic roll out like the tide

Could be sittin’ still tomorrow

But me, I’m makin’ time while it’s still mine.

Saw Hobo Jake a drifter true blue

He’s a walkin’ talkin’ Atlas map

but he’s got a gig he’s holdin’ on to

and I’ve got nothin’ stickin’ to me now


So, Here we go saddle up the wind

blink yer eye and we’re gone again

if you’re headin’ my way

Hey let’s hit the highway

Here it is another lonely night

Another trucker pulls off alright

Catch you further down the line

See You On the Road Sometime

Worked a week in downtown Needles

there what you get’s not what you earned

Too many fiddlers playin’ Nero

So tonight I’m on the pipeline from that burg

I know this girl in Sacramento

where settlin’ down’s no guessin’ game

To her I love you’s one more ditto

As long as I just don’t forget her name.

Repeat chorus

© Doak Snead 2001-2018