Written when I was a tour guide at RCA Studio B on a slow day. 
Musicologist/songwriter Stephen L. Betts listed this song in his top 50 favorite songs of all time.


(Doak Snead © 1991)

Down a Backroad busy sleepy hollow

A leader born was led to follow                          

 Lonely, lonely                                                               

with a fragile heart he grew up wild     

He learned quick the truth                                

 he learned that youth beguiles                            

the Lonely, the lonely                                               

simple reasons, simple rhymes                    

chase your dreams before  you die !    

So on a sunrise freight to Tinsel Town                        

he started out late then the sun went down  

Lonely, lonely 

For if a man stays close he can’t count the miles

he either lives his lies or else he reconciles

with Lonely, lonely  

Too much time, too few years

Afraid of faith afraid of fear!  

Well, cafe crumbs and a cardboard house                      

are like TV and Keats with the fuse blown out

Man, that’s Lonely, lonely

Life’s a ticking clock and little else

Where you must learn to die and not kill yourself

Being Lonely, lonely 

The hours fly, the cuckoo cries

Chase your dreams

Before you die!!       

 Rumours in mouths they run the mill

so with mailbox gold his empty pockets filled

Lonely, lonely

in a fast red car with a stream-lined girl

before sets of swine he cast his pearls 

Lonely, lonely

His friends in corners his ghosts in halls

He backed his chair against the wall

So the old impasse he faced at last

It’s either set in stone or the die is cast

Lonely, lonely

For while the coffee’s hot the talk is cold

Man, there’s nothing new

And, boy, it’s getting old

Lonely, lonely

Simple reasons, simple rhymes

Chased by dreams that never die! 

Down a Backroad busy sleepy hollow

a leader born was led to follow                     

© Doak Snead 2001-2018