I Propose a Toast to You

I’ve got a ton of good buddies and you know who you are… we’ve been to Boy’s Town, had a flat on the Golden Gate bridge, fell out of pine trees, played at Christmas galas, spat out Portuguese, fished bibles out of creeks, streaked at Terlingua, drank too much Boone’s Farm, pitched washers, and fell out of grace just to climb back in again…

“I Propose a Toast to You

 (©1992 Doak Snead/BMI)

Seasons slip away

Wind up clocks reluctantly run down

Since the years have passed like calendar days

Man, it’s good to have an old friend back in town

Yes, ‘n you’re the one who taught me how to dream

And to put behind the past mistakes I’d made

When you said “Keep yer cool wrapped ‘round yer rosary!”

Man, I knew what you were truly tryin’ to say to me

Oh oh and…

Chorus:        I Propose a Toast to You

Old pals, old buddies, old socks

Who’ve stood the miles

Oh, and I Propose a Toast to You

Yes, ‘n  here’s another mem’ry for the files

Well, it was Austin, Texas, 1983

Two girls in skirts down at the Western Best

And how the red haired one kept a-winkin’ back at me

Pointin’ at the button on her chest

Yes ‘n those were days of basking in the sun

Oh, and was it really that long ago

Well tell me, what does a feller your age now do for fun

When you’ve done it all and know all there is to know

You son of a gun

Oh and …

© Doak Snead 2001-2018