Beneath the Friday Night Lights

Long before there was a “Friday Night Lights” movie or a TV series, it was just a book.  I caught wind that my friend Randy N. Barbee was working with Ron Howard on turning it into a movie. Well, I’d played a little high school football myself and I knew Kent was a sports aficionado so we got busy on the pitch. This is an extremely accurate account of the schoolboy sport. 

“Beneath the Friday Night Lights”

(Kent Henderson/Doak Snead)

They’re pluggers and they’re blue chippers

a high school football lover's dream

all they care about is hitting and winning

and knocking tailbacks on their seats

They’re the talk of the carhops and coffee shops

They’re the Booster club’s pride

They keep the cheerleaders’ hearts a-throbbing

Beneath the Friday Night Lights

Coach is a sideline pacing hero

chewing Redman and starters’ tails

he made All State in ‘68

and he’s still as tough as nails

and like Bobby Layne he never lost a game

he just ran out of time

He lives to hear those pads a-popping

Beneath the Friday Night Lights

It’s a palace and it’s a cow pasture

with grassburs and goalposts

yeh, its fever time in the spirit line

they wrote us up in "Sport-O-Scope"

it’s  a marching band and the FFA

raising the Stars and Stripes

you can hear those horns a-honking

Beneath the Friday Night Lights

Loyal Fans and glory day dreamers

holding little half-pints hands

wearing sweaters and letter jackets

under the blankets in the stands

please rise for the prayer and the kick-off

ah, smell the coffee and the Frito pie

As two teams collide like freight trains

Beneath the Friday Night Lights

© Doak Snead 2001-2018