Another Magdalene

Kelley Sallee put a spell on me that I couldn’t shake.  She managed my heart like a business, hiring, firing, closing, opening…
I puked this one out.  I’m thankful I got it out, for 24 years later I am still in her employ.

Another Magdalene

(Doak Snead ©1991)

For a while I slaved in the loving throes

Of the kiss of the quick and the young

It was a kiss no girl had ever given me

A kiss not to be outdone

From the innocence of her silky skin

To the soul in her wanton sighs

I saw past the other men for I believed in the look in her eyes

It was Tennessee in the waning days of ninety-ninety one

How she came from behind she touched my neck

Blowing a smoking gun

I know not how I know not why nor how deep I fell

For the gold in the wave of her hair

And the way her body smelled

Chorus:  No and I don’t need another Magdalene

To hold me in her arms

For I’ve been there ten thousand times

To let her love me and lead me on

To let her love me and lead me on

Now she won’t deal in loneliness

Man she’s always got an ace in the hole

When the last man walks out her door

She’ll pull another from her camisole

She’s afraid to face the fear of the fall

Don’t hurt me I won’t hurt you

And like the ink on an unfinished valentine

Dried before the feeling was through

© Doak Snead 2001-2018