A Place Called Reality


This song was written during my StarStruck writers deal with Jerry Boonstra. 
Jerry recorded a fantastic version of it with his band the Voltaires.  

“A Place Called Reality”


you’ve always been a friend to me

And I’ve followed you from the outskirts of town

To Eternity

But you always brought me back

To A Place Called Reality

Loretta those lines around your eyes

They tell the truth even young lovers grow

Old in time

And in the mirror you can see

A Place Called Reality

Chorus:   You can  run, run, run

Just as far as you can

But there’s no escapin’

There ain’t no changin’

You can fly, fly, fly

To the ends of the sky

But there’s no denyin’

There’s no use tryin’

‘Cos the truth it always leads

to A Place Called Reality

Now big dreams 

You know I’ve had a few

And along the way I’ve even seen one or two come true

But the broke ones set me free

In A Place Called Reality

Doak Snead ©  BMI  

Jerry Boonstra  ©  BMI  

© Doak Snead 2001-2018