Kelley Sallee Snead (1958 - 2017)


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Writers: Snead/Frederick/Sallee Snead; Producers: Doak Snead/Tony Gerber; Publisher: Doak Snead, BMI; KSS (track)

- Veteran songwriter Doak Snead’s wife has a form of Parkinson’s that has taken away her ability to sing. He and co-producer Tony Gerber have compiled the best of her song demos, fully produced masters, work tapes and home recordings to make the album Roses & Tumbleweeds: A Retrospective. She is a fine vocalist, equally at home on ballads and uptempo fare. 

The CD is available on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon.

Not only was this a way to leave a legacy," Snead said, “she was hoping that this will inspire others with debilitating diseases that have a dream or a talent left undone to find a way to finish these things.


De Blake 5 STARS

Soul stirring innovative vocals

Kelley Sallee Snead has a voice that cannot be compared. Maybe a little bit Stevie Nicks, got some mountain Dolly Parton in it.. it comes out pure passion and soulfully interpretive. The songs are jewels, co-written with husband/ writer Doak Snead, Nashvillians Steve Boyd, Marcina Clark and Brian Frederick, as well as with her legendary mother Vikki Sallee, they cover a lot of ground from lost loves, music biz ups and downs, to sitting in a therapist's office letting it all out. Sallee Snead now suffers from a rare Parkinsons Disease and it's like she has put this together for those who never knew she could sing as well as for those who never even heard of her. God bless her for doing so.

Charles F. Gray 5 STARS

Great vocals singing great lyrics

Had four copies sent down to the Texas Hill Country before I arrived there from Alaska this time. Gave them to the local music lovers to hear. One and all, including myself, played Roses and Tumbleweeds over and over.......we love Kelly's angelic voice and her and Doak's fine songwriting. Thanks for the music!

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